First of all, yes, I’m a white guy. If that matters to you, you’re probably on the wrong site. I was not brought up in a world that is as racially divided as it is today. My parents actually taught me what Dr. Martin Luther King taught. To judge a man “by the content of his character and not the color of his skin.” In reality none of that matters; I’ll be called a “racist,” anyway. I’m not so certain that word has any meaning, or value, in today’s world… but yeah they can continue to cry wolf by overusing that word.

Despite that, let’s analyze this question above, Are black people really scared the police will kill them? The answer I have deduced is yes and no. How did I come to this conclusion ? Well I used something that is lacking this day and age.. common sense. I believe some black people are scared the police will kill them but you will never see those black people on the news because those people will comply with the officer. Fear breeds compliance and has been doing so since the dawn of time.

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Now, the question remains, should those people be scared of the police? The answer again is yes and no. Every citizen should have a healthy fear that if they break the law or bring harm to someone that the police will catch them and if the try to harm the police or innocent citizens the police have no choice but to use lethal force.  

This is a basic concept. Self defense is instinctual and police are trained how to minimize having to use this lethal force. Of course, that’s not the narrative that’s being spun. The whole narrative that police are killing black people at an alarming rate is utter nonsense. I won’t even link statistics to prove my point because it’s such an asinine narrative.  

Feel free to research this, if you feel so inclined. I’ve heard the same thing over and over in conversations with black people about this. They all say “you don’t know what it feels like to get the talk from your parents.” What they don’t realize is yes, I do. My parents taught me how to act when pulled over and interacting with the police just like yours did, except they didn’t feed me propaganda that I will be killed for being white. Do they know what it’s like to have to bury a coworker because of the inherent danger that comes with being a law enforcement officer?

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Now let’s discuss the other side of the proverbial coin, The people who do get killed by the police are one hundred percent not scared of the police. Their actions speak for themselves. If you are truly afraid of someone you don’t make things worse i.e., you don’t talk back you definitely don’t attack them.
If you also step back and look at the culture In the so called “hood,” any “hood” actually white black or asian everyone fears the “shooter” the “shooter” is someone who has killed people for whatever reason.You might not like him but you don’t talk shit to him or fight him because you know he will use lethal force for whatever reason he Deems fit.

That’s how you know they do not really think the police will just kill them for no reason. Actions speak louder than words.
In conclusion, if we think logically about things most black people do not fear the police because they don’t treat them like the threat they claim that they are…..Logic Bruh