MORE NEWS: The Second Civil War Is More Realistic Than You Think




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It was another beautiful night in Florida, the sun had just set and as darkness filled the sky, BLM filled the streets in the mostly quiet town on New Port Richey. The Shit bags were having a “mostly peaceful” protest against the cops when loud, rowdy, beer drinking, patriotic, American loving Bikers showed up to protect the police from the Burn Loot Murder regime. The cop-hating terrorists complained to the police and demanded they be arrested on noise charges.

MORE NEWS: MS,Police Officers Harass,Ticket Arrest and Assault Residents For Not Wearing Masks.

It’s funny how the y hate the cops until they are needed, thus proving a need for the police. DURRR. The Bikers then proceeded to chant “USA USA” a phrase known to send the BLM thugs into a mental frenzy.

As the night proceeded more showed up to stand with the police against Burn Loot Murder. Proud boys, Bikers and Patriots Stood in defense of America, it’s police for and their community. Another great day, another victory against the Marxists!