Joe Biden is a Fucking Idiot. Plain and simple, the guy has no idea where he is or what he’s doin. This guy is so unlikable that the Democrats keep him hidden away while his VP pick Kamala suck my way to the top Harris delivers key note speeches on live TV for him. Not only is he an utter moron, let’s be honest, the guys a pedophile and a womanizer.

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The amount of times we’ve had to endure watching him make unwanted advances on women and children over the years is amazing and with all that proof, that’s “their” guy still. It’s pretty bad when the best you got can’t even get a full sentence out. He’s gone from attacking hard American workers to…massive dementia. It’s scary that this man “could” be our president one day.

This should be a wake up call to Americans every where to get out and vote!

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The Left said “will just have to accept Biden for who he is”. No! we don’t have to accept this atrocious behavior from a man who’s been in politics for over 40 years. His actions do not represent Americans of good sound morals and judgment.

Joe Biden also has the worst record when arguing racism in American politics.