You don’t have to look very far to see how much political correctness has negatively affected certain parts of the world. The UK for example has gone full retard when it comes to political correctness. They have police scouring social media to find you if you say something that might offend somebody. Accusations of hate speech oversaturate their media and is used to silence unpopular opinions. Fear of being called racist led to the rapes and grooming of thousands of girls in several cities in the UK.

So what drives people to crave a politically correct society? I believe it has to do with postmodernism. Where ever it is ingrained in culture, it breeds people who strive for a creepy utopia.

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Everyone has to be tolerant even if you’re naturally intolerant, And leftist will be intolerant of your intolerance. It only seems to happen to societies that become too liberal when there’s not enough right wing or conservative views in a country.

In the UK the conservatives compared to American standards are basically leftist. The only way to counter PC culture is to strengthen conservative and right wing politicians and their views and help ingrain them into society.

I hope this will happen naturally and people will get tired of being told what they can and can’t say and what they can and can’t’s already starting to happen in the UK with the movement led by Tommy Robinson. A man who was speaking out against Islam for years and was branded a racist and Islamophobic but stuck it out and now people are starting to see the truth.

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Another problem with political correctness is that certain people love to feel like they have some kind of power over other people.


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If they don’t agree with your opinion it must be the wrong opinion. And they like being able to call that hate speech and they like being able to control whether you have a job or whether you’re allowed to express yourself on social media. I believe they get a adrenaline rush from this control probably because they are powerless in real life.

I fight against political correctness because I have children I want my children to be able to express themselves anyway they see fit. I’ll be damned if the government or a person who disagrees with them has more control over their lives than they do. I won’t let that happen, and neither should you.

When somebody tells you it’s inappropriate to say something, say it anyways! When somebody tells you it’s inappropriate to think a certain way, think it anyways!

When somebody tells you it’s inappropriate to talk about a certain subject, talk about it anyways! When somebody tells you it’s inappropriate to post certain Memes, post them anyways! Embrace the counterculture! Don’t let mob rule or the government control your life.