Black man randomly attacking white man with a brick in Baltimore. The person who posted this said “white lives do not matter.” They’ve always randomly attacked whites like this, but now they’re more brazen as the media ignores and encourages these attacks.

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This is a post I saw on Parler by my friend Vincent James of The Red Elephants. In the year 2020 we live in an upside down world where behavior like this is celebrated and filmed by onlookers. This is a disgusting thing to see but we are told that we are the violent ones.

Being white is a crime now even though the other side is 8% of the population committing 50% of the crime. The media continues to ignore these instances, only emboldening individuals to continue attacks like this on whites.

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These types of attacks aren’t new, but they are on the rise and getting to a point of little to no coverage what so ever. This has to happen so the lefts narrative that whites are the racists.

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