Dating in 2020 is like running up a vicious stream that has poison coursing through its veins. Not too long ago we used to live in our small towns and meet the people we grew up around, went to high school with and formed relationships and fell in love with the girl next door.

With the creation of these so called dating apps we have deteriorated dating and actually getting to know someone for who they are, instead we sit on our phones swiping left or right in hopes of finding Mr or MRS Right. The thing is, its not that easy.

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online dating is a $2.7-billion-a-year industry and that the data recorded by these companies doesn’t necessarily translate into a winning algorithm. But the problem is much more complex.

Now we don’t even have to choose from our small cities anymore, we can expand the search now 50 or 100 miles. Thus giving us options for a partner we never thought of. This cheapens alot. This gives us a a false sense of hope. You have this feeling that if this one doesn’t work out it’ll be ok because I have so many more options.

So we go on date after date knowing that if this one isn’t perfect we are only just another swipe away from what culture has lead us to believe to be…Perfect.

  • Dating apps make it really convenient to meet new people.
  • But they’re also arguably ruining our chances for finding meaningful relationships too.
  • People have more choice than ever, so it can be hard to settle when someone more perfect could be a few swipes away.
  • This is called “the paradox of choice,” and it’s made us fickle and indecisive.
  • We’re also way more picky and looks-obsessed than we used to be.
  • But by holding out for Prince or Princess Charming, you’re likely to miss out on something great.

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We used to court a partner for months and months getting to know one another, finding the things about that person that make you just fall in love despite certain imperfections. We begin to love that person for their imperfections, because where they fail the other succeeds and picks up the slack and that is how it works.

Relationships are made of two imperfect people doing everything they can to help each other out. but in the year 2020 we have a society thats quick to quit and give-up.

The chances of you actually meeting a person of sound quality in this fish bowl of degeneracy is slim. Now add the polarization of politics in todays society and it makes it almost impossible. As I browse through these apps researching I can’t help but not notice one repeating factor. Women will post that anyone who supports Trump, America or is a conservative should basically rot in hell and Women are selling their bodies for a quick buck.

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We’ve traded our purity for taking quick nude photos for cash to put on Snap chat or Only fans. We’ve traded our sacred bodies for cash to get a like or some attention from the opposite sex.

The lyrics in music today are basically porno transcripts and our youth blast it from the speakers in their cars, trucks and boats. Young women who used to take pride in covering up and dressing appropriately to look respectable now dress like like strippers in a dimly lit night club.

Marriages are failing because we have forgotten how to fight. We have forgotten how to work through issues and communicate. We just breakup, get back on the app and look for the next train wreck to happen.

The Devil is real and he has his hands in so much now. We have pushed Jesus from our lives, schools and our Relationships.

We must find God, listen to him and let him back in our lives, if not we are doomed.

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