A Patriot was shot and killed late Saturday in Portland, Oregon, as a large caravan of Trump supporters tried to practice their first amendment right to protest with a flag caravan of vehicles with patriotic flags.

Fights broke out as the caravan of about 600 vehicles was confronted by protesters in the city’s downtown. 

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Later in the night reports of a shooting started coming out. Then rumors started circulating that the man shot was a member of A Patriot Group called Patriot Prayer because he had A hat on with their logo.

Then the first video came out which appears show a execution style murder.

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Later that night an enhanced version of the video emerged and the audio shows intent to murder the trump supporter. The shooter or someone working with the shooter appears to yell “We got one right here” “ We got A trumper right here” before the suspect shot the victim.

Now some left wing outlets are claiming self defense saying the Patriot tries to spray him with mace. Even if that were true being sprayed with mace does not constitute shooting a man in the chest. But in another video from Stump Town Matters on youtube shows when the victim falls their is no mace in his hands. Now another man who appears to be friends with the victim does drop a can of mace not that it matters either.

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After the incident members of Portland’s BLM/Antifa had to take the opportunity to let patriots know that they are glad a “ Fascist” was killed.

There are photos and an ID of the suspect in the shooting from the great people at 4chan but nothing is confirmed as of late. The only thing that was recently confirmed was the name of the Patriotic American who was murdered. Please stop while your reading this article and take a minute to pray for the family of the victim.

His name was Aaron “Jay” Danielson…