Just when you think twenty-twenty can’t get any more clown world it looks ya dead in the eyes and says “hold my beer”.

I’m only thirty-seven years young, And there really isn’t a whole lot I remember about my teachers in high-school. But one thing is for sure I had know Ideas who the voted for. And guess what? I didn’t care.

We all know by now that the colleges are infested with activist teachers. And it seems at least in cities like New York they are making there way to high school. In the county’s like Canada, they are starting in kindergarten.

An assistant principal from Spencerport high-school in Rochester, New decided to attend a Black Lives Matter protest, And in his fit of genius, he decided to record himself on Facebook live cursing and acting inappropriately to the police.

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Spencerport High’s Steve Lysenko yelled that the Rochester Police Department was doing a “shitty-ass job,” and told them to “fuck right off.” He followed up by shouting “fuck the police!! Fuck Rochester Police Department!!”

After setting this wonderful example for his students by acting like a left-wing zealot, His rant went viral and it reached the school.

In a series of tweets, the Spencerport Schools said that although it “stands in solidarity in support of racial equality and systemic change […] when a District employee uses language in public or on social media that does not align with our Code of Conduct or demonstrate appropriate role modeling for students, that is something that we will not condone.”

The series of tweets concluded by noting the “personnel” situation will be addressed in a “confidential manner.”

To further display his biased and brand of Marxist brainwashing. In a 3 June tweet he said: “To any students-past or present-who follow me here: know that when you post “#WhiteLivesMatter, you are condoning White Supremacy. In that, I will not abide!”

A Change.org petition was put up Saturday in support of Lysenko. And by the look of things, he will remain in his position and continue poisonings the minds of our youth.