On the 2nd day of September 2019 at approximately 3:51 p.m., uniformed police officers responded to a call to investigate a man in a vehicle with a gun. When they arrived, they found four people in the vehicle. Two of them fled, including Kay.

The bodycam footage released today September 3rd, 2020 shows Mr. Kay brandishing a weapon at the officer in the video. When Mr. Kay is shot he tosses the gun and it takes the officer a minute to find.

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The other two people who remained in the vehicle, Marcyelle Smith and Deonte Brown, were arrested.

Mr. Smith, 19, also had a handgun. He was charged with carrying a pistol without a license. The other suspect who fled with Kay has not yet been apprehended.

This story, of course, was trending on twitter #justicefordion before anyone knew what happened, Of course, BLM activists in their normal fashion of jumping the gun started demanding justice.

The sad part is most of the people who retweeted that hashtag will probably never see what actually happened and go the rest of their life believing the cops murder the 18-year-old in cold blood.