If you haven’t been paying attention to southern Oregon lately let me fill you in on what’s been going on. Fires have been raging and spreading through-hole towns since Tuesday, Especially in Talent and Phoenix, Oregon.

My source on the ground says “I don’t know how they started. Apparently a brush fire? Yesterday around 12 noon I went home because I got word that the town a mile south of us was evacuating. So we packed up valuables and left. Bumper to bumper traffic on a rural country road. After traveling A tenth of a mile up the road from our street, motorcycle cops were rolling into our street to evacuate us.”

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He also stated that “the locals are saying it doesn’t seem natural, And they believe either a group like ANTIFA or an eco-fascist group could be behind it. Trying to make people think climate change is real. And that local Police Departments have arrested seven men they believe to be involved with ANTIFA”.

There is no proof to back up this rumor but, As you may have read in my last article one man in Washington with ties to ANTIFA was arrested for this exact thing.

Now here comes the twist, Later that night a fake screenshot from the fake post from the Medford police department circulated Facebook and the locals. This screenshot read “5 Proud Boys Arrested For Arson” and then gives a fake account of what happened.

Medford Police Department quickly took to Facebook to set the record straight. They stated that is was a fake graphic and they haven’t arrested anyone for arson in their area.

Now this leaves us with a question why, And who would want to set up the Proud Boys? Of course, it would be the complete political opposite to them. I’ll let you make your own conclusions.

And in actuality, this fake news has made the locals even more suspicious of the fires and more suspicious of ANTIFA. Because if you think about it the Proud Boys stand for freedom, They don’t burn stuff down and they want to make the country better.
On the other hand, ANTIFA is constantly burning stuff down, Throwing Molotov cocktails and they hate America.
But as far as southern Oregon is concerned there is no actual proof of this. But I promise I will keep you all updated on the situation.