The Proud Boys, an international men’s fraternal organization dedicated to protecting Western values and a return to the nuclear family, will return to Portland, Oregon to address 90+ days of lawlessness and depravity allowed by Mayor Ted Wheeler.

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As Antifa and Black Lives Matter thugs assault brave law enforcement officers with impunity and gun down peaceful Trump supporters in the streets, the impotent and feckless Ted Wheeler has not only tied the hands of the brave men and women of the Portland Police Bureau, he has gone as far to participate in violent anarchist activity and refused to ask for the National Guard or other federal offers to help quell the unrest across Portland.

These are the facts. Instead of protecting Portlanders, Mayor Wheeler has promoted the lies of “peaceful protests” as domestic terrorist and anarchist groups deface, destroy and dehumanize Portland. Minority owned business have been torched. Federal courthouses and police stations set ablaze. Gunrunning, drug dealing, sexual assaults, violent melees, murder.

As Mayor Wheeler has sat paralyzed by his tireless virtue signaling to the violent mob, groups like Antifa have been allowed to “franchise” their violent takeovers and bring them to cities all over America. Kenosha, Washington DC, New York, Minnesota, Chicago anarchists have all been assisted by Portland area Antifa and BLM leaders, who have been allowed to thrive and raise big bucks to bring their domestic terrorist activities across state lines.

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Due to these factors, the Proud Boys will gather peacefully in Portland, Oregon to #EndDomesticTerrorism on Saturday, September 26th @ 12pm at Terry Schrunk Plaza.

“This will be a peaceful gathering where we intend on exercising our First Amendment rights and take a stand against domestic terrorists and their enablers like Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler and Oregon Governor Kate Brown. If Black Lives Matter or Antifa show up with the intent on harming our attendees, we will not hesitate to defend ourselves, legally and lawfully. The time for silence and complacency is over.

While Ted Wheeler can flee downtown Portland to one of his many million dollar mansions far from the city he represents, so many Portlanders don’t have that luxury and deserve an immediate restoration of law and order.”

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For more information about the Proud Boys #EndDomesticTerrorism rally, please visit ENDANTIFA.COM

If you’d like to help out. It cost money to travel to these events and to set them up.

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