I am sick and tired of watching “right wing” reporters, pundits and E Celebs bitch and moan about Twitter and Facebook. Look if you don’t know this already, they don’t like you! They hate you and don’t want you in their club. With that being said, why would you want to be there?

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I’ll tell you why because having your stupid “blue checkmark” means more to you than having dignity. Most of you are cowardly sellouts who will openly say, “wish I could say what’s on my mind but ill just get banned”. What kind of pussy ass mentality is that. Sounds like you’d rather bow to your left wing overlords so you can show people how many followers you have.

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You care more about the lefts opinion of you than standing up for what’s right and shunning censorship by getting off those nappy ass platforms and moving over to platforms like Parler or Gab that allow you to be you. Oh! but you won’t reach as many! wonder why? because sell out influencers aren’t using their platforms to support true freedom.

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For some of you this should be fucking wakeup call! you should use your influence to push for a mass exodus and tell the left to go eat a bag of dicks. I wake up everyday and get on twitter with a ghost account for one reason, just to see what my enemy is doing, make notes and use it against them on our platforms.

I’m not gonna call all of you out because quite frankly that would take too long. But set the tone, be an example, move to a platform that allows you to be you, talk bout what you want to and how you want to influence your audience to move to Parler or Gab with you. You’ll see those platforms flourish as will you and your audiences.

So if you continue to use Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, Youtube and tiktok, just shut the fuck up about censorship, you look retarded.


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