The Media Vs. Trump, we begin the countdown to Election Day the legacy media ramps up its efforts to destroy President Trump. It’ll started the COVID fear mongering  in Late February. The Dems and media knew that if they wanted to to hurt Trump they’d have to knock him off his game by destroying the economy. Yeah, that’s how bad it is, these assholes would rather run this economy into the ground rather than work with the President and help him succeed. I mean we should always want the best for this place, but the left would rather us fall.

It”s amazing to see the attacks on Trump daily by the very people who seek to harm us all, they make him out to be “literally Hitler” but its them that want to take away our rights. President Trump has done more for this country than anyone in a long time. This pisses them off.

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Now that Trump has urged most of the Nation to re open the economy is coming back and jobs re kicking into gear once again.

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Boom! Now that his cleaned up that Dem mess the left is back at a it again, this time a story from a Biden donor accuses President Trump of saying very bad things about Military Veterans.

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This attack is orchestrated by the left as a last ditch effort to swing voters to go against Trump. The left know we on the right have very high respect for the men and women who serve and they are using that as a way to get us to turn on him. He treats our military well and with much respect. He has gone against the military industrial complex and kept us out of endless wars. No new wars have been started and this pisses off the globalists.

Fox News has gone on to support this fake news story but has also shared some truths. President Trump did call our military generals losers who can’t lead and don’t know how to win. This is true, leadership in the military is at an all time low, we now allow trannies in, this is stupid. They have turned out military into a social justice experiment.

The left is scared, like a stray dog backed into a corner they are doing everything they can to survive. Wonder what they’ll come up with next?