Once again people are in shock and I say this with heavy sarcasm in my heart. People are just down right shocked that a car would plow through Fiery but mostly peaceful protesters. look people are sick and tired of the bullshit, none of your protests are justified, they are built-in an alter of lies and disinformation. We see through the bullshit, therefore we drive through the bullshit.

No one cares any more, we have things to do, we have jobs to work, families to feed and kids to raise…the “right” way. We don’t have time for your bullshit anymore. Fuck BLM, Fuck ANTIFA. Get out of the road, the roads are for cars and when you step in traffic you break the law and can possibly die. It’s a pretty simple concept.

MORE NEWS: MS,Police Officers Harass,Ticket Arrest and Assault Residents For Not Wearing Masks.

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