It’s a sad day In Oakland, Mississippi when a Police Officer a Mayor, and the chief of Police not only throw the constitution away But also harass, arrest, ticket, and assault its residents because they won’t follow an unconstitutional city ordinance.

I was contacted today by multiple sources who witnessed a local police officer arrest and assault a man for entering a store without a mask while checking in his friend who was being given a ticket for not wearing a mask.

Sources say the man entered the Oakland express gas station off I-55 in Oakland, Ms to see what was taking his friend so long. The officer told him to wait he was going to get a ticket also for not having a mask on. The man walked out of the store the officer followed sources then say they were arguing and the officer punched the man in the face and then proceeded to arrest the man.

As seen in the video below

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But it doesn’t stop their sources also provided me with a video of the officer threatening and intimidating the store employees with tickets if they don’t refuse service to customers without masks.

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And to put the cherry on top of the blatant disregard of the constitution here is a video of the officer harassing customers.

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I guess the city of Oakland, MS doesn’t care about people’s rights and should have their feet held to the fire. So if you want to give the police department and the mayor’s office a call and let them know how you feel it would probably do them some good.

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