Ever since Donald J Trump was elected the 45th President of the United States, talk of a second civil war have been looming over this great nation. Mainstream media outlets have been fanning the fames of left wing hatred for 4 years now. They have encouraged the criminality of the left and embolden extremists all while projecting their wrong doings on to the right. They lost a fair election and still haven’t come to terms with it.

We have seen the rise of ANTIFA a communist, domestic terrorist organization that’s funded by left wing media, celebrities and foreign entities that would love nothing more than to see the destruction on America. These uneducated swine crawl out from their parents basements at night after a long day of sleeping in, eating hot pockets and jerking off to anime porn. They dawn their ISIS like attire and take to the streets like angry incels pissed off at the world because deep down they know no one will ever love them but their own hands. These uncultured victims of new age, marxists propaganda feel as they are victims to mean white mans world. The funny thing is, most of these retards who hate white people are…..white. They literally hate themselves and everything around them. They turn on the Tv, and are enraged by bs lies and they eat it all up like a starved cat in a Chinese restaurant ally way. They have no healthy way of realizing their anger because their fathers are out with another woman’s family raising those kids because they aren’t liberal shit.

MORE NEWS: MS,Police Officers Harass,Ticket Arrest and Assault Residents For Not Wearing Masks.

They have seen the last 4 years doing exactly what they did last election, believing they actually had a chance to beat Trump. They had their hearts shattered in 2016 and it’s about to happen again. Much like the toddler who’s gotten a new toy aka this fake Biden victory, the mean orange man is about to take that toy back away from them and what do you think happens when you give a toddler a toy and then take it away, it pitches a fit, screams, spits, cries and throws its arms around. The thing is, as much as they act like fat toddlers with shit filled diapers, they are adults, capable of violent assault and even murder.

If there ever was a time for there to be second civil war, it’s now. It won’t because of Trump supporters, it’ll be because the MSM baited, lied and implied a Biden Victory to their lunatic base that literally believes everything that comes out of their mouth. For the last year the MSM has convinced pundits, government employees, democrats and other world leaders that Trump was out and Biden was in. What we saw on election night proved that the polls were once again wrong and that the media over hyped Biden. When have we ever seen a President up by so much and the ballot counters stop! then after poll watchers leave and under the cover of darkness just the right amount of ballots needed to get Biden over Trump and with a slight edge show up. The world is watching and as media outlets call the election for Biden Trump supporters sit back, cool, calm and collected.

Trump is challenging these counts and this will be going to the courts. Here’s the scary thing about it all, every left wing media outlet has left their electoral college map up…why? because they know this isn’t over. Yet they keep spewing lies to their base, knowing that when the race is called for Trump there will be mass chaos.

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This is an orchestrated event. The left hates America and they know the radical left will burn this country to the ground. Thats what it’s all about, the destruction of America. Chuck Schumer has already said that if Biden wins, and the democrats win the house and senate they will change America for ever. We also have AOC calling for democrats to make lists of Trump donors, even federal judges in an effort to go after them if Biden gets a win. This is doing nothing but inciting violence and making people paranoid.

This weekend in DC Thousands are expected to go to the Million MAGA march and with that you can expect left wing violence. This is all aligning for a perfect storm. Buy ammo, clean your guns, get storable food and water. Be prepared! Things are about to get bad before they get better. Stay safe and God bless